People and communities

Our vision:

Zero harm in the workplace, compliance with all legislation and a positive impact on communities around our sites through effective partnerships and dialogue.


Ensure health and safety remains our number one priority; develop behavioural safety and an inter-dependent workforce; develop the skills of our workforce; make a positive contribution to the communities around our operations; reduce environmental incidents and emissions.

Action plan:

Focus on competence, compliance and communications; ensure hazard and risk assessments are carried out for every task; set targets to increase safety conversations and near hit reporting and continue with one-to-one safety discussions with all employees; host and facilitate regular engagement meetings with community groups and develop community engagement plans; report and act on environmental incidents and emissions.

2020 targets:

Zero harm; five community events a year at every quarry; meet the targets set in the MPA’s ‘Safer by Competence’ programme; reduce valid neighbour complaints year on year.

Watch our sustainability 2018 animation.